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Beaches in Arcachon

A beautiful aquatic site located at 17 km of Arcachon, the beach of Cazaux Laouga is a pure wonder of the nature where you can go as soon as the sun rears its head ! In this place, it is so very pleasant to spend the summer holidays under a generous weather with which you can enormously savour relaxations at the edge of  a calm and crystal clear water.

From the center of Arcachon, the journey to reach the site can be made in 20 minutes maximum (circuit by car). Everyone will be delighted to spend pleasant moments at the edge of this undoubtedly idyllic paradise, the beach Cazaux Laouga is ideal to make benefit the children as well as the people with reduced mobility of a calm, smooth and gently sloping sea ...

Recently renovated and re-equipped, this small haven of peace exudes a much more friendly and safe atmosphere for outings with family. Not far from the beach there is a rescue station that keeps a close eye on the area around Cazaux Laouga from morning till evening in order to help and to support eventual people who are in trouble.

To attract customers, the places have also prepared a large free parking in an area that guarantees a shade as much as you want. Indeed, the squares are dominated by gigantic trees, like the pine, which bring freshness, but also some character to the site. Public toilets and picnic tables are also available on site.

The beach Cazaux Laouga has been consulted by SIBA and is considered as one of the safest sites in Arcachon. It is ready to accommodate the endless games of your children while taking advantage of a setting with fairy-like areas with its white sand and crystal clear water of exceptional purity.  In order to reach that,  you can also use public transport which offer direct access to the beach.