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How to get around in Arcachon?

Arcachon is a prominent destination to which you should make your first choice for the summer holidays. It welcomes you in a panoramic setting ideal for outings with family, with friends, and a romantic trip with your loved one. Arcachon never ceases attracting a large number of visitors who come especially to discover its famous green squares like the salted meadows or to spend pleasant moments at the edges of the beautiful beaches that border the Arcachon coasts.


How to get around in Arcachon? It is indeed important to get things straight about this detail if you wish to stay in the "land of greenery" of France. Here are 3 practical ways you can take on a journey through the city.


Means of transport n ° 1: Public transportation


There are several types of buses that we will try to list so that you can find the one that suits you best:


  • EHO is an ecological and electric means of transport. It is indeed a shuttle that serves almost all the villages of Arcachon, and this for free. The circuits are made 6 days out of 7 from the Train station of Arcachon.

  • BUS BAIA: The latter provide a connection between Arcachon, La Teste-de-Buch, Gujan-Mestras and Le Teich. They are easy to notice with their blue and orange colors. In all, they carry out 7 frequent lines which are connected to the stations.

  • During the summer periods, line 1 comes by the paths joining the beaches, starting from the station of Arcachon.

  • Night buses are among other things available to help you move in the evening and safely from the Moulleau station, free of charge.


Means of transport n ° 2: The bikes


Several bike paths are available for lovers of adventures and those who wish to combine pleasure and well-being at the same time. Know that there are bike rentals in Arcachon for all age groups.


Transport n ° 3: The boats


In order to bring happiness to the holidaymakers, Arcachon has made better arrangements so that visitors and locals have easy access to the nautical sites present in the city or  outside the city. You have the choice between these 3 options:

  • Trans Bassin Shuttles

  • The Sea Buses

  • Sea Taxis


Transportation 4: Cars


There are 3 solutions within your reach in order to easily travel to  the City-Center of Arcachon with a car:

  • Car rentals

  • Taxis

  • Carpools