Holiday in Arcachon

Tasting oysters on the Bay of Arcachon

The producers of oyster in Arcachon have pleasure in inviting you to the simple happiness of savoring their famous shellfish in the most convenient way. They especially encourage you to visit their huts which are both their place of work and the right place to taste their products in peace and quiet. The oyster farmers advance all the year and in all conviviality appreciations of their productions.Tasting is often accompanied by butter bread, shrimp, clams, caul fat, whelk or periwinkles....

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An apartment rental in Arès, close to Arcachon

Allow yourself the luxury of choosing an apartment rental in Arès on the edge of the Bassin d'Arcachon to fully benefit from an exceptional environment. Here, nature is beautiful and preserved. We offer a wide choice of very pleasant apartments rentals so that you can make the most of your stay in Gironde. Take advantage of a splendid view on the Bassin d'Arcachon to be a break from your usual routine.For your next vacation in the sun, opt for a...

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Celebrate Christmas in Arcachon

Celebrate Christmas in Arcachon in an enchanting setting where the atmosphere is joyful and festiveThe seaside resorts are very appreciated by both French tourists and foreign tourists, regardless of the time of year, in summer or winter. Among these most popular resorts, there is Arcachon and its basin which are taken by storm by the holiday makers during the summer, but which do not fill up in winter.Are you asking yourself about the things to do and the things  to...

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Spring holidays in Arcachon

Spring is the most wonderful season of the year. After the harshness of winter, nature is adorned with its most beautiful assets: greenery, flowers, fruits, and still many more, are just as much things that this exceptional season pours out. Spring is the season of happiness when every living being celebrates life: the birds do it with their songs while we humans, we take advantage of it to go as close as possible to this wonderful nature, in the countryside,...

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