Celebrate Christmas in Arcachon

Sep 17, 2017 Holiday in Arcachon

Celebrate Christmas in Arcachon in an enchanting setting where the atmosphere is joyful and festive

The seaside resorts are very appreciated by both French tourists and foreign tourists, regardless of the time of year, in summer or winter. Among these most popular resorts, there is Arcachon and its basin which are taken by storm by the holiday makers during the summer, but which do not fill up in winter.

Are you asking yourself about the things to do and the things  to see in Arcachon in winter? Well, answering this question could take several hours, but in this article we will limit ourselves to a short selection of winter recreational activities and places of interest in Arcachon, to be discovered in December.

When we talk about holidays at the end of the year, we naturally allude to Christmas and New Year celebrations. Arcachon is not spared by the magic of Christmas. One can even say that here, the enchantment of the Nativity is particularly strong. Indeed, the city puts on its most beautiful fineries at this time of the year.

The streets and the neighborhoods are decorated with bright lights and garlands and everything is made to welcome Santa Claus in a joyful and festive atmosphere. Exceptionally, the latter does not come by sled to land on the rooftops, but by boat to land on the ice rink. The younger ones does not believe their eyes, while the older ones can not help but wonder at this very original arrival, like that of a star under the applause of the public.

Arcachon is a city of Gironde, the wine occupies a special place. Thus, the Christmas celebrations are an opportunity to taste the best vintages, coming from the best Bordeaux vineyards. The big names in the oenology and the world-renowned vintages are there to bring warmth and atmosphere in the eve. The Saint-Estèphe, the Saint-Émilion, the Pauillac and the Pomerols are flowing like water. To be drunk responsibly of course ...

To stay in Arcachon during the winter holidays is the promise to live a Christmas and the end of year celebrations in a very  exceptional way. If you have never had the opportunity to live such an experience, take a vacation rental in Arcachon and spend the best Christmas in your life, in a festive atmosphere, in a quasi-magical city, in one of the best destinations of France. We are waiting for you to come and celebrate Christmas in Arcachon!

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