Spring holidays in Arcachon

Sep 17, 2017 Holiday in Arcachon

Spring is the most wonderful season of the year. After the harshness of winter, nature is adorned with its most beautiful assets: greenery, flowers, fruits, and still many more, are just as much things that this exceptional season pours out. Spring is the season of happiness when every living being celebrates life: the birds do it with their songs while we humans, we take advantage of it to go as close as possible to this wonderful nature, in the countryside, in the mountains , In the forest or at the beach.

Some places are always beautiful, whatever the season, but they are even more sensational in the spring. Among them, Arcachon is most probably the most exceptional of all the Atlantic, especially between March and June. Why this place is so great? First, because of the climate that prevails tere. Arcachon is bathed in a mild climate, suitable for holidays by the sea. Winter is all that is less harsh (with an average temperature turning around 9 ° C) and in summer, the maximum temperature exceeds Very rarely 26 ° C. In the spring, we reach a happy medium tempearature and it is simply wonderful to be able to stay there at this time.

With the return of the sun, the beaches and the spots of bathe of Arcachon find their very animated side. As for these bathing spots, it should be pointed out that Arcachon has the most beautiful one in all of France. Even as in the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the waters of the Atlantic in the Arcachon basin has taken advantage from a worldwide reputation for their therapeutic properties, at a time when balneotherapy was in full swing.

Today, Arcachon, Cap-Ferret, La Teste-de-Buch and the other municipalities of this Gironde region are very popular with thalassotherapy enthusiasts who now mix with another type of tourist: . Eh yes ! Arcachon has also become a high place of surfing, windsurfing, yachting and other nautical disciplines. In spring, we witness the return of the amateurs of winter sports on the beaches of Arcachon and its surrounding area. They have waited all winter to play again on the waves of the Atlantic and hundreds of inexperienced people join them to learn these sports, protected from the thousands of looks that will be on the beaches in summer.