Tasting oysters on the Bay of Arcachon

The producers of oyster in Arcachon have pleasure in inviting you to the simple happiness of savoring their famous shellfish in the most convenient way. They especially encourage you to visit their huts which are both their place of work and the right place to taste their products in peace and quiet. The oyster farmers advance all the year and in all conviviality appreciations of their productions.

Tasting is often accompanied by butter bread, shrimp, clams, caul fat, whelk or periwinkles. The access to the oyster huts is the most comfortable, a short circuit is available to guarantee you a long moment of pleasure. At noon, the inhabitants but also the regular customer of the oysters of the Arcachon Bay have an appointment. Come and see by yourself how nice it is to appreciate around a dozen oysters in a dynamic and warm setting.

You can consume them either on the terrace or on the waterfront. The oyster farmers of the Bay of Arcachon will welcome you to their workplace in order to get your fill of calcium, B12 vitamins, iodine and especially memories that you will be able to tell to your loved ones once you will be home again.

If you have not tasted it yet, we advise you to taste oysters just out of the clear water, all accompanied by a good cup of fresh white wine .... You are not be able to get over it, because it is so delicious! Today, many producers offer an appreciation of shellfish on board their sailboats or their fishing smacks... You will be in the middle of the water while taking advantage of an original and plentiful lunch, it is the paradise!

Where to find the best oysters in the Bay of Arcachon? Anywhere on the peninsula, however we have made a not of the list of potential villages in order to facilitate the search for huts: on the peninsula of Lège Cap Ferret, one can quote the Claouey Le Four, the Jacquets Petit Piquey, Piraillan, Grass and Cap Ferret. If you are staying on the south side of the Bay, you can visit the districts of Arès, Andernos les Bains, Lanton or Biganos.

Here ! We wish you already an excellent trip to Arcachon and do not hesitate to come to meet the oyster huts in order to taste their famous oysters!