The unmissable places in Arcachon

Arcachon is one of the most sought after destinations in Europe thanks to the great splendor of its landscapes, which exudes some great airs of heavenly setting. You will feel good upon your arrival on the spot ... Arcachon will bring you in a harmonious universe and promises to make you spend the most wonderful stays.

The town of Arcachon is located in the south-west of the metropolis. It can be visited each season and it offers different colors for the enjoyment of your eyes! In summer and spring, the scenery seems more bustling and lively: flowers line the gardens, the green of the pastures is omnipresent on the spot as the blue sky that advances a more embellished side to the city.

In winter and summer, Arcachon is different with its landscapes which take a more picturesque and sober aspect making the city even more charming. What can be seen in the village? Start your exploration at the mysterious Island of Birds located in the heart of the great bay. It is a wild space with a topography that varies according to the tides. You will discover a whole species of birds who have taken refuge in an environment with a captivating beauty.

The Sand Dune of the Pilat is also an ideal place to make the most of a session of expedition in the middle of a magical setting which you don’t have the opportunity to see every day. Let yourself be drawn to the pleasure of hiking in an exceptional environment that offers a surprising spectacle over the vast expanses of sand.

If you come to Arcachon for the first time, you will be amazed at the architectural riches of the city. In fact, this last one shelters delightful villas of the original and contrasted architecture. Be dazzled by the colors that decorate the homes that make the city picturesque and unique.