Celebrations in Arcachon

The holidays are coming. It was during this period that the city of Arcachon began to come alive and to demonstrate several events. Although the city is a wonderful escape for explorations, it is also an extraordinary place to crash where every year there are festivities that make the whole village in a festival atmosphere. For the enjoyment of the amateur yachtsman, we have prepared a list of important odysseys that occur in Arcachon.

Sea Festivities

This special event is very traditional. It is undoubtedly the most touching and the most popular of the Arcachon festivities. Performing each year, the festivities on the sea consist in the consecration of religious celebrations. The city dedicates two days of egalitarianism that bring together all the admirers of the great Bay to commemorate properly the sea and its customs.

This is an opportunity that you can appreciate  with your family, with your friends or with your loved one. There will also be a giant picnic on the waterfront, allowing visitors to make the most of a moment of relaxation while admiring the boat and sailboat parade. In the evening, starting at 7 pm, a whole explosion of fireworks explodes to end the day on a high note.

Note well : Wear a yellow scarf so that you become integrated to the theme of the party!

The festival of Arcachon

An event that takes place every March 25, the latter is a day of the "Annunciation", that is, the time when the city celebrates its patronal feast. During the festivity, it will be possible to learn about the traditions of the Arcachonnais by attending the Mass dedicated to the Basilica. A procession on the jetty of the Chapel is also given pride of place not excluding in any way the conviviality and the good humor!

Arcachon Nautical Show

Every year, summer visitors and professionals of yachting meet at the Arcachon Nautical Show and meet at the port of the city. The atmosphere is very festive and discussions are only turning around boats. A whole program awaits you! There are many sailing and motor boats that sail on the sea. First dives, traditional exhibitions and marine paintings, wooden construction illustrations, Optimist consecrations will also be shared at the event.

The Writers' Beach

Every year, some authors are appointed to share their talent for reading and writing. The festivity takes place on the seafront where meetings, dedications and of course the inevitable reading session will take place on the sand. The Writers' Beach is a wonderful event that honors literature. It is launched in summer and has the concept of giving the general public and artists the opportunity to exchange ideas and to set out arguments while having a book on hand.