The Cap Ferret, a chic seaside resort just a short walk away from Arcachon

Being located 76 km from Bordeaux, Cap Ferret is a wonderful piece of paradise set between the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Arcachon. It is a prominent destination where nature is queen, between pine forest and beach, but where the ecosystem of a rare heritage is still fragile. It is the chic seaside resort  just a short walk away from Arcachon.

It is renowned as the most beautiful place on the peninsula of Lège Cap Ferret. The village is especially appreciated for the splendor and the modernism of its landscapes. Due to a fluorescent tourism, Cap Ferret has experienced a fast - growing with regards to the property, which has been built before your very eyes for the last ten years.

You will be delighted to discover this little piece of magical setting that has maintained its wild characteristics and whose relaxed lifestyle gives a stay of fullness and relaxation. Cap Ferret is sheltering several unusual treasures and sites to explore to your heart’ s content.

Located in the heart of the Pays de Buch and the Landes de Gascogne, Cap Ferret is, geographically speaking, a peninsula that intervenes between the Bay of Arcachon and the Atlantic Ocean. It offers the chance to take advantage of, on one side, a beautiful scenery of the great lagoon and on the other, the immensity of the ocean.

From the cape of the peninsula there is a panoramic view of the Sand Dune of the Pilat and the Banc of Arguin just in the middle of the passes. This territory became very famous with the visitors in the 1990s thanks to the development of the tourism making of Cap Ferret, a large seaside resort.

It remains today a very prized place welcoming a rather special and comfortable clientele. All the pleasures of holidaymakers are realized on the peninsula. You will have the opportunity to practice several nautical disciplines whose essential ones are surfing, water skiing, stand-up paddle, towed buoy, wakeboard, kitesurf, the scooter of sea ... There is largely enough to marvel yound and older alike!

Other entertainment such as cycling, horseback riding, mini-golf or hiking are available for those wishing to undertake leisure activities outside of what the sea has to offer.

There are many attractions in Cap Ferret. A stay on the peninsula means that you must visit the oyster village of Le Canon in order to taste the famous oysters of the Bay of Arcachon. The National Nature Reserve of the salt meadows is ready to welcome the lovers of nature and to make you discover a preserved world  with is exquisite beauty.