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Find your apartment rental in Dune du Pilat

A Holiday apartment rental next to the dune of the Pilat  is the opportunity to live close to the nature. Book a holiday rental in the Bassin d'Arcachon to discover the treasures of the natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage of the south west.

Our apartment rentals in Dune du Pilat

Here are our holiday apartments offers in Dune du Pilat. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Arcachon offers you also holiday villas near the Dune du Pilat but also self catering accommodation in Arcachon.

Rent an apartment in the Dune du Pilat

Find the right holiday apartment in Pilat and take advantage of the exquisite beauty of the dunes. Very pleasant apartment rentals in Pilat or Arcachon are available for visitors who want to stay in the Arcachon basin for a summer holiday or a weekend. These apartments located not far from the Dune du Pilat allow you to enjoy both the proximity of the beach, the shops of the town center and the pine forest nearby. The apartments benefit from all the services and they are equipped with electric heating for off-season periods. The location is ideal for anyone who loves the beach and water activities. Walking, local gastronomy, golf or lazing on the beach will allow you to spend a real holiday in an idyllic setting. The proximity of Bordeaux and its tourist attractions is an extra advantage. In addition, the city is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, which make of it a prerequisite. In Pilat, the offers of hiring are numerous, especially during the summer: stay in the hotel, in apartment ... The campsites welcome also the holidaymakers who want to live close to the nature so as to visit the biggest dune of Europe. Upon your arrival, it makes an impression on the visitors thanks to its size, 109m high, 2.7 km long and 60 million m3 of grains of sand. The accommodation offers are varied in order to discover this exceptional site. Each year, the Dune du Pilat attracts a considerable number of visitors who come from all over the world so as to explore this exceptional natural heritage. Athletes can climb the dune by a sand trail, others can access it more easily by a much less tiring staircase. At the summit, the emotion wins the visitor: an exceptional view looms to unveil the wonders of the basin: the bench of Arguin, the forest and the lighthouse of Cap Ferret. The Arcachon holiday rental is another choice possible for those who wish to take more advantage of the tourists attractions and entertainment of the large seaside resort. The Bassin d'Arcachon offers all the leisure activities unimaginable. There is absolutely everything: multi-sport courts, children's play areas, surfing, sailing, paragliding areas, fitness areas facing the sea. Cycling paths are accessible from everywhere and there is always one, close to your holiday rental. Do not forget to include in your stay at the Dune du Pilat, discover the oyster villages ...All the offers of apartment rental in Pilat that will make you live plentifully your holiday.The Bassin d'Arcachon offers holiday rentals more or less close to the dune of the Pilat. Whether you prefer a holiday rental in Arcachon, a hotel or a campsite in the dunes of the Pilat ... You will find accommodation to suit all tastes, to all budgets or according to the requirements of all the members of the family. It is good to note that, a small interesting parenthesis: many wonder Pilat or Pyla? Confusion reigns as for the writing, but it is the Dune of the Pilat, the Gascon "Pilòt" meaning "heap, pile" which prevails. The writing of Pyla comes from the name of the seaside resort and a district of the town of Teste de Buch, Pyla on Sea created in the twenties north of the Dune. At the beginning of an apartment rental in Pilat, think also to discover the surroundings of the Banc d'Arguin, the lighthouse of Cap Ferret, oyster villages and huts and oyster tasting. The ocean beaches for swimming or water sports such as sailing or surfing will be an unparalleled pleasure. The local restaurants will allow you to taste the regional gastronomy in a warm setting.