My home in COVID guarantee

In an exceptional situation, exceptional measures.

Considering the period we are going through and always with the aim to protect you, My home in Arcachon has set a special COVID cancellation policy. The terms and the way those special conditions apply are hereby described, and included as part of My home in booking terms as well.


If, at the dates of the reservation, the government takes an administrative decision reflecting on a travel ban between the tenant’s residence and the location of the property rented, the reservation can be cancelled with no penalty. The tenant is entirely refunded.

By administrative decision reflecting on a travel ban, we hereby mean a full closing of the borders from country to country, a lock down of the entire country population at home, or a distance travel interdiction not allowing the tenant to move to the location of the place rented. Any other reason (such as closing of the restaurants, beaches, recommendation from the state not to travel, quarantine on arrival or return, etc.) are not taken into account and do not constitute a legitimate reason to cancel.

In all the other cases than the one exposes above, the standard cancellation policy linked to the property reserved applies.


With My home in COVID guarantee, you have two possibilities:

To define new travel dates, this is the easiest option for all the parties. There is no fee for moving a booking from its original dates. There is no additional payment unless the price that applies to the new travel dates is higher than the original price. In case the price is lower than the one applying to the original dates, you are refunded for the difference.

To be entirely refunded through a wire transfer for 75% of the rental price and through a 25% credit note. This credit note is valid for a period of 12 months from the starting date of the stay originally booked and applies to any My home in destinations. If the rental price has been partially paid at the time the reservation is cancelled, the value of the credit note issued cannot be inferior to 25% of the rental price.

Application field

The following conditions prevail on the standard cancellation policy defined in the property description and booking terms, except if tenant and owner mutually agree on another way to proceed.

As "residence", we only take into account the address communicated by the tenant, meaning the person who made the reservation and his/her address at the time of the reservation. Even if the group is composed with several persons, having all different addresses, the only address taken into account is the one from the person who made the reservation.

If the government imposes lockdown or full travel interdiction (between the tenant’s residence and the location of the property rented) that overlaps the reservation dates, the owner can request the cancellation of the reservation from the date the government decision is officially known. The tenant can refuse this cancellation request. However, in such case, the tenant can no longer pretend benefiting from the COVID special cancellation policy and the standard cancellation policy linked to the property will apply.